Fourth Wave Bunny

Experience Devised and Directed by Madi Delk

An immersive experience loosely inspired by Gloria Steinem’s article, “A Bunny’s Tale.” The show is an interactive workshop and public conversation centered around body agency, with purpose to define, explore, and create momentum towards the fourth wave feminist movement.

Production History:
February 2018: Produced at The Theatre School at DePaul University

The Fourth Wave Bunny: Mariana Castro Flórez
Dramaturg: Mariah Schultz
Stage Manager: Helen Joanne Pearson    
Assistant Director: Tina Perona     
Set/Props Designer: Paloma Locsin          
Lighting Designer: Katelyn Le-Thompson
Costume/Sound Designer: Elise Belluccia  

Photos and Video by Olivia Jepson Photography