For Us, With Love

Stage Manager/Board Operator, Free Street Theatre
April 2018                                                                                                                                                              

Devised by the Free Street Youth Ensemble

Director: Katrina Dion
Assistant Director: Keren Díaz de León
Stage Manager/Board Operator: Madi Delk
Producer: Melissa DuPrey

Sound Designer: Maddie Doyle
Scenic Designer/Technical Director: Caswell James
Lighting Designer: Cassandra Kendall
Costume Designer: Melissa DuPrey
Graphic Designer: Rebeca Soto

Welcome back to the uncomfortable, weirdly educational high school event: Prom. And that’s what this play is: an investigation of what goes wrong when we try to fit in to what’s prepackaged and what can go right when we come together.

Photos by Isabella Coelho