Head to the Sky

Directed by Madi Delk; Collaboraction Theatre
September - October 2018

Directed by Madi Delk
Written and performed by Jason Makia Robinson
Dancers: GiGi Tonye and Jorie Goins

Festival Director: Anthony Moseley
Producer: Sarah Moeller
Scenic Designer: Emmy Weldon
Costume Designer: Elsa Hiltner
Sound Designer: Jefrey Levin
Video Designer: Liviu Pasare and Parker Langvardt
Properties Designer: Kaycee Filson
Stage Manager: Caitlin Body

This musical piece moves, touches and inspires people to take action and create a better future for those living in Chicago.

“Imagine if I would have listened to the people that told me that I dream too much.
Where would I be? Would I be here standing before you?” - Jason Makia Robinson