Long Way Home

Assistant Director
March 2018

Written and directed by the Q Brothers Collective

Directors: GQ, JQ, Jax & Pos
Music Director: Josephine Lee
Choreographer: Corey Anderson and Judy Hanson
Scenic Designer: Kehoe Designs
Costume Designer: Christina Leinicke
Lighting Designer: Nick Belley
Sound Designer: Stephen Ptacek
Projection Designer: Anthony Churchill
DJ: Matt Roan
Stage Manager: Lauren Hickman
Producer: Josephine Lee and Chicago Children’s Choir

MC Odysseus takes audiences on a journey through Chicago’s diverse landscape in the world premiere of Long Way Home, a hip-hop spin on Homer’s Odyssey.

"Behind the Scenes Video" - Chicago Tribune
"Epic Journey Across Chicago" - Chicago Reader
"Homage to Chicago and its Youth" - Chicago Sun-Times

Photography by Todd Rosenberg